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Secrets of the Sanctuary examines the symbols of the sanctuary that not only illustrate the plan of salvation but are keys to unlocking prophecies still to be fulfilled.


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Next presentation: Saturday, November 18, 2017
11:00 am to 12:15 pm

Continues Thursday & Saturday mornings

Countryside Christian Center
1970 15th St NE, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379


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Secrets of the Sanctuary

Secrets of the Sanctuary is a fascinating, interactive lecture series designed to explore the symbols of the sanctuary and reveal how these symbols are actually keys that unlock the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

The Bible calls the age in which we live "the time of the end" and provides signs for us to watch for. These signs are being experienced globally and reported daily in the news. Can we know what crises lay ahead and how to prepare to meet them? What are the events that lead the human race into the culminating moments of Earth's history? Find out what the Bible reveals about Christ, the sanctuary, and your future in this Bible-based series of presentations.

The same full-scale models of the sanctuary furniture on exhibit at Messiah's Mansion will be on display for participants to view up close.

Study guides will be provided each evening.

Sanctuary-themed lessons will also be provided for children between the ages of 5 and 12. 

What to Expect

  • Be amazed at the accuracy of Bible prophecy
  • Learn how to let the Bible decode itself
  • Acquire the keys to unlocking Daniel and Revelation
  • Experience the thrill of digging deep into God's word
  • Understand the Bible as a cohesive whole
  • Experience a new start with God and get to know Him better
  • Look forward to the future without fear
  • Live everyday with peace and joy

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Topics Covered:


Pathway to the throne

decodes sanctuary symbols and rituals that reveal God's amazing plan to reunite the human family with Himself through the ministry of His Son Jesus Christ.

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Angels and Demons

takes a closer look at the Ark of the Covenant and tells the story of the covering cherub who fell from grace and who seeks to dethrone the King of the Universe.

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The Dragon Slayer

examines prophecies in Daniel and Revelation that pinpoint the exact time of the Messiah's ministry and crucifixion and the means by which He destroys God's archenemy.

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7 Churches

illuminates the urgent, vitally important messages for God's people today that were dictated by Jesus Himself and recorded in the first three chapters of Revelation. 


7 Seals

reveals the past, present, and future of the Christian church in a prophecy that continues to unroll itself like a scroll to the end of time.


More Topics:

  • 7 Trumpets
  • The Adversary of the Sanctuary
  • The Manna Test
  • Avoiding the Antichrist
  • Cleansing the Sanctuary
  • Ready or Not
  • Revelation's Millennium
  • The End of Trouble
  • Mark of the Beast

Next presentation is November 18, 2017
at 11:00 am


Countryside Christian Center
1970 15th St NE, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

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